The Launching Pad: Intermediate Class


Coming January 2018 The Intermediate Course is designed for students to grow their business exponentially by learning powerful promotional campaigns and developing one or more to launch at the end of the eight weeks.


Module One:        Scaling up Your Business Big Time: Content is King; At Least it Belongs in the Royal Family. And Search Engine Optimization is Not Dead

Module Two:       Marketing Psychology and Human Behavior for Sellers and Consumers

Module Three:   Free Public Relations: TV, Radio, TedTalks, Huffington Post and Much More 

Module Four:     YouTube Live Stream and Webinars — What to Do During and After the Event

Module Five:      Market Funnels and Affiliate Marketing

Module Six:        Guest Speaker

Module Seven:  Lean and Mean YouTube Channels and Videos

Module Eight:   Develop One Promotional Campaign and Launch It!