The Launching Pad: Advanced Class

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In the Advanced Class of The Launching Pad you will learn how to legally protect your business, measure predict and interpret ROI and other financial metrics, and project where you will be in 3 – 5 years.

Protect your company and yourself. You need to know the business end that takes place behind the scenes. This is where you need to be scary organized. You need to account for money, prepare for taxes, and know when to invest back into your company. Learn how to measure your business and position yourself  for short and long-term growth.

Lesson One:       Protect Your Business, Legal Interests and Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Lesson Two:       Know Thy Competition and take Their Customers and Business

Lesson Three:    Basic Accounting and Tax Preparation

Lesson Four:      Reports and Projections

Lesson Five:       Analytics / Measuring Your Company / Ratios / ROI

Lesson Six:        Guest Speaker

Lesson Seven:   3 -5 Year Projections

Lesson Eight:    Projecting Your Success

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