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Hi everyone, as usual thanks for stopping by!

Well, this is it. My new gig called The Launching Pad: Transforming Lives Through Online Learning. This is a place where entrepreneurs from every walk of life further develop their craft and take that ground-breaking leap of success to the next level. The Launching Pad is a platform where I help entrepreneurs develop the tools necessary to successfully launch or relaunch their product, service or cause.

Beta Testing This is the beta testing stage and not the final product. I still have a few details to work out like footers and color schemes. Please take a few moments and navigate around the site, then stop back here and post a comment. I appreciate feedback and constructive criticism so I can make The Launching Pad better. I have thick skin. You won’t hurt my feelings. Fire away.


I’m also putting together a new WordPress blog. I don’t like what Google has done to Blogger. They shut me down as a spammer. Twice. Unlike Yahoo! or Amazon or any other large online presence, there is no customer service to plead your case. I loose comments and we all know comments are muy importante to bloggers. I’ll have this new blog up and running in a week or so.

And I have to give a shout out to NYCTechClub for their YouTube video that showed me how to make this website.

Next up, I have a lot of quick videos to make and plug into the lessons and this website. I’ll be doing that this week.


Coming Soon The Launching Pad in Espanol!

Thanks again for stopping by, please take a few moments to navigate the site, then come back here and let me know what you think of The Launching Pad!

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